In the post market : The famous Joseph Bread

 The Joseph Bread


A real all-rounder this Joseph bread.

With a mild and balanced taste, it enchants the palates of all bread lovers. A feast for the eyes it is always but also the taste can be shown. Inside nice and fluffy and outside an exceptionally crispy crust, which helps it to stay extremely long fresh and juicy.


  • Ingredients: Organic wheat flour, organic whole rye sourdough, organic whole wheat flour, water, saline salt.
  • yeast-free, lactose-free, vegan



We have some fine delicacies from Joseph at the Postmarkt, but they sell out very quickly. Therefore, you are welcome to order your desired breads by phone directly in the Postmarkt at phone: 05352 63643 55.

  • Joseph Brot, every Thursday & Friday freshly baked:
    BIO Joseph Brot 1000g                                                 
    BIO Sonnenblumen Vollkornsaatenbrot 600g          
    BIO Urlaib 1000g                                                              
    BIO Walnuss Sauerteig Laib 800g


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