Postmarkt St. Johann in Tirol: Our Brunnhof partner

A trusted partner!

You can buy the products from Brunnhof in Tyrol exclusively in our Postmarkt in St. Johann in Tirol. We are proud to be able to guarantee the best quality of all regional products.

The Brunnhof is situated in the basin of the “Leukental” in Tyrol. The farm has been cultivated since 1905. Originally, it was a small farm with Tyrolean animals - now it is a modern, sustainable and ecologically sound business.

Nowadays, the cattle spend the summer in the alp areas and the winters in the stable. To guarantee the highest quality standard they are only fed organic food – produced in accordance with nature.

Local, sustainable & yummie – valuable food for a healthy life!

We want to provide you with the best possible meat. It should be as fresh as possible or as well matured as necessary and meet the requirements for your recipes. As we slaughter on site at Brunnhof, we can cater for special requests, cuts, offal and quantities, and we would be happy to inform you of future slaughter dates so that we can take your special orders. Of course, we will continue to have the standard cuts of meat available for you at our counter.

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