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Yoga at the Hotel POST for hotel guests and locals


Budokon® Yoga is a contemporary fusion of Hatha Yoga, Martial Arts, Calistenics, Animal Locomotion, Mobility and Meditation. It is about speed, agility, coordination, body control, as well as strength and inner and outer balance. Budokon® Yoga is aimed at yoga practitioners who want to strengthen the inner warrior in their practice in addition to the inner yogi.

Tuesdays 18.30-20.00


Vinyasa Flow Yoga is a creative and dynamic form of yoga, which has its origin in Ashtanga Yoga, the Indian Hatha Yoga. It is suitable for those who practice it and those who want to become a practitioner. In the centre of Vinyasa Flow Yoga are the Asanas, the postures. They are mentally and physically demanding and strengthen concentration. The movement in meditation brings the participants to inner peace. By stretching and holding for longer periods of time, deep-seated tensions are released.

Mondays from 18.00-19.30
Thursdays from 19.00-20.30 

The yoga unit is free of charge for our hotel guests.

For further information please contact our reception.




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